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How to Feel Better When Things Get Worse

Heather Macauley Noëll

Copyright Heather Macauley Noëll 2012

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With all the prayers in the world for peace, why haven't we accomplished this? What is peace and what will truly perpetuate peace on earth? Let's begin with what peace is not. True peace is not a lack of conflict. True peace only occurs when we move beyond conflict in our own hearts and minds and can truly feel at peace within ourselves and within our own lives. Is it truly possible we don't fully understand the technology of prayer?

The most powerful prayer in the world is how you FEEL. If you want to experience peace in the world, you must first learn how to actively feel peaceful throughout the day. You must find peaceful ways out of conflict. If you want to see a harmless, loving world, you must BE HARMLESS in your actions and conversations with yourself and with others.

Many people feel frustrated and helpless, as if their voice and prayers aren't being heard. But your prayers, in the form of your feelings, are heard. And if your 'prayers' are feelings of anger and frustration and helplessness, you will receive more of what you've been praying for.

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