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White Pine


F. J. Mackelroy

* * *

Smashwords Edition

White Pine ©2010 by F. J. Mackelroy

* * *

I leaned against the white pine trunk and looked across Black Lake, trying not to think of losing Laura. Everything hurt when I thought of my wife. I had refused to attend the farewell celebration for the astronauts with all the other loyal and patriotic spouses, so Laura was insisting on coming out to the wilderness to see me one last time before she left for Mars.

Mars! What a terrible joke! I had been blind and stupid; during her months of training I hadn't believed she would really leave, but finally I was forced to believe it now. My wife, who had once been perfectly happy to live with me and study the geology of ancient riverbeds now thought she had to go to another goddamn planet to be fulfilled! It was insane. So here, away from the city, away from Laura, here on this long white beach, I was doing my best not to think of her.

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