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The Temple of Light

By Kate Everson

Copyright 2012 Kate Everson

Smashwords edition

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He walked into the temple, confident, assured, knowing that what he sought would find him.

Jake had not been long in this world, barely 18 years, but he was a man of strength and character. Many said he had dark thoughts, but he just smiled at them. He knew who he was and why he was here.

Now, he was ready to claim his power.

He strode purposefully into the depths of the temple where dim candles flickered as he walked by. A creature slithered hurriedly out of the way. Bats flew from the temple, escaping from a high portal. There was no one, nothing left, but him.

“Agak!” he called in a loud voice.

No one answered. There was only darkness and the small echo of his own voice, bouncing off the stone walls.

Jake walked in further. Now standing directly under the high arched ceiling, he called again, this time with more depth and volume.


Suddenly, a whirring sound came out of the back of the temple. It wasn’t the bats. They had all fled. No other creature remained. But still, there was the sound.

Jake trembled slightly, despite his courage. He had no idea who would answer his call. He just knew he had to be there, at this important time, to receive a message that would change the outlook of the universe. It was that significant. It was crucial to all mankind.

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