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Step Daddy

I watched my mother fuss about the kitchen doing a last minute tidy up that she didn’t need to do. Ever since she’d married Louis she did things like that constantly. When it had been just me, my sister Callie and her, the house was always a mess. She never cooked and we spent most of our time together as a family sprawled across her bed watching a movie. Last year all of that had changed. My sister had become a senior in high school, and all of a sudden my mom had decided that she wasn’t happy with the way her life had turned out at forty-two. She was a single mom with no wardrobe to speak of. Going out usually meant dropping us off while she went back home to chill in my dad’s comfy old sweats he’d left behind five years ago. I don’t know the exact moment that she decided that she needed a change, but one second she was Debbie, the frizzy haired law clerk, and the next I was coming home to a platinum blonde bombshell. Without consulting us she’d snuck off to the beauty salon and had her natural flat brown curls straightened, cut and dyed into the chic pixie style she wore now. It only took a few months of compliments before she made other drastic changes. Her closet gradually thinned of the frumpy clothing I’d seen her wear all my life, and was now filled with designer jeans, shoes, tops and dresses.

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