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In Too Deep

Copyright 2012 by Vivian London

Smashwords Edition

The apartment pool glistened in the scant moonlight. The pool's own light in the deep end was lit, turning the water a bright blue-green. It had almost its own luminosity in the dimly-lit complex.

Sean took the towel wrapped around his neck and laid it down on one of the few lounge chairs scattered around the pool deck before walking down the steps into the water. It was warm, thankfully. Sometimes the manager of the place forgot to turn on the heater and it was colder than was really probable for somewhere so close to the equator. Sean liked the heat, but the shock of dipping into a too-cold pool made his poor dick shrivel right up.

Speaking of dicks, he thought with a smirk, the one hot guy in the apartment complex didn't seem to be swimming this evening.

It was a shame, thought Sean. Even though Sean came here after work to just blow off some steam before he took himself to bed, seeing a sexy man swimming around when he got here was always nice. He didn't even know the hot guy's name, just that he had a swimmer's physique with long, toned limbs and sexy, broad shoulders (not to mention a nice, firm-looking ass).

Sean bit his lip. He only wished that his silent, occasional swim partner wore something tighter around the hips. Sean hadn't been able to check out what he was packing, unfortunately, but he wanted it to be fucking huge.

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