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Falling From Grace

By Claire Simons

Published by Page Turners Publishing, LLC

All rights reserved. Any part of this book used without permission is subject to legal action. All characters and places within this book are fiction and any similarity is purely coincidental.

Smashwords Edition


Alone in the suffocating darkness, all Evie could hear was the pounding of her heart and the sound of her laboured breathing. She knew with cold certainty that she would never leave this place alive.

The shackles chaffed her delicate wrists and ankles. The leg chain was fixed to the filthy wooden crib on which she sat. The straw beneath her bare feet was soaked in urine and feces. Added to the dampness leaching down the windowless walls, the smell was unbearable. She retched repeatedly until her throat dry and sore. There was nothing left inside of her she thought bitterly, not even vomit.

The two burly warders had chained Evie in the tiny cell even though the fight had now long since left her. What was left to fight for? She knew that she would never be allowed to see the light of day again, and with Grace gone, so had her reason for living. Tom had even abandoned her despite his ardent claim that he would die for her. So much was the depth of his love.

Evie wishes that she could simply command her treacherous heart to stop beating. Her lungs to stop breathing in the fetid air. She prayed that death would come on swift wings. When it did, she would welcome it with grateful arms and the desperate hope that in death she would once again find Grace.

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