A short story


Gary Weston

Copyright 2013 Gary Weston

Smashwords Edition

For an audio version of this story, combined with, Eyes, Oceans of Death, Tin Man, and the full length book, Death Flight, click the link. Over five hours of spine tinglers, in “a little bit creepy” as read by the author!

At Mouldypile Manor

Sir Charles Wynstanton-Thornycroft was alone. A hater of people in general, he wasn't particularly bothered about being alone. What annoyed him however, was the fact that none of his overpaid minions considered their grossly inflated salaries enough to be willing to stay the weekend and ensure he was alright. If nothing else, money should buy at least the pretence of loyalty. But by seven o'clock on Friday evening, they had all made their excuses and left him. Even that sycophantic toady Arkwright. Some lame excuse about his daughters wedding that weekend.

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