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Charles Lambrou

The Alchemist’s Way

Health, Happiness and Wellbeing


People often ask me how long it took me to write The Alchemist’s Way. My answer is: my whole life. I have had to travel through all my experiences from conception till now to sit and write this book.

Along my journey I have met some wonderful people and some who were not so wonderful. I take this opportunity to thank the not so wonderful people, for they have provided the challenges and wake-up calls which have assisted me in my journey and transformation. Some people have been both wonderful and not so wonderful at the same time; I honor you and thank you all for having been part of my life. Thank you to all my friends for just being my friends.

I am grateful to Arnavah for helping me to write this book. He has done much more than just edit and has helped me share The Three Steps in a clear and concise manner. Thank you, Arnavah. Your input is invaluable and highly appreciated. A huge thank you to Prashant Hirlekar for the superb paintings, they have been an amazing gift to receive. Prashant is a popular artist in Mumbai and he graciously took time from his busy schedule to create in his own unique style, all the paintings for this book. A picture can really say a thousand words, and these paintings are great resources for us to remember some of the concepts especially in a time of need. I am fortunate to have many of these paintings, hanging on the walls in my home.

There are too many people for me to thank here individually, so I shall keep the list short. I honour and thank Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, for setting the light aflame 2500 years ago and sharing Vipassana meditation with the world. I thank S.N. Goenka for amazingly availing Vipassana meditation worldwide free of charge. His teaching eliminates barriers to learning and practicing Vipassana, and I personally have benefitted greatly from it.

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