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See a cover band you don’t even like.

See a band you don’t even know. Or really like.

Tommy Tank. (Which means... Hmm. Google it.)



Not an abundance on offer, really. One, eight, nine and ten would be the most popular choices, I do believe, in that order. Hell: If you’ve got a rubber elbow. A need for adventure. And an inability to decline appealing offers. Offers which would seem like a competition prize back in Ireland,

Want to go V.I.P to an exclusive Crystal Castles gig held by Adidas with a free bar, gift bag included?”

Eh, I was just going to chil- what am I on about, I’m in!”

Not that anyone is moaning about these daily offers. Always more fun to go with the flow. Especially when the invite mentions exclusive, V.I.P and free bar. Hard to say no. Even if twenty minutes earlier you swore you’d stay focused until you got your life in order a bit. Although when you have a rubber elbow, any invitation is pounced upon.

Exclusive opening of an envelope filled with anthrax... Want to come?”

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