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Yesterday, I Died

By Shane Alexander Greenhough

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Shane Alexander Greenhough

The year is 2106.
Yesterday it was 2011.
Yesterday, I died.
I hope that it’s understandable that I can’t provide greater clarity on the details surrounding my expiration, and eventual restoration, than the snippets presented in the narrative below.
My name was Bradley Snowden and I was 39. I don’t know, today, how to tell you how old I am or truly who I am – the pronoun
I feels inaccurate, but the desire to communicate necessitates its use. Inconsequential details, perhaps, but ones that occupy the edge of my thoughts, nonetheless. I was happily married, yesterday. My wife was an attractive woman of 35; a housewife, a stay-at-home mom. She was a zesty and confident woman in the prime of her life. We jokingly referred to every year as one of our prime years. Looking back, I guess the irony wasn’t as funny as either of us insisted.

Click. One.

The doctors, or scientists, or whatever term is used to describe the men and women responsible for thawing me back to life, told me that they are not allowed to provide any details about the family I knew, other than confirmation that all of them are now dead. Apparently my wife decided against saving herself past her expiration date, as she’d done for me. More knowledge than that, I’m told in pleasantly eloquent whispers, is considered too much of a strain for the recently resurrected mind. I can understand that, I suppose.

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