A few other Smashwords authors, whose advice I respect, suggested I should change the title too. They’re concerned the title doesn’t adequately connect with the interests of our target audience. In the U.S. “Boob Tube” is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek double entendre that refers to television. Our intention is not to demean or belittle those who watch television, or those who produce it (quite the opposite, actually!), so it’s possible we’re sending the wrong message to fans of daytime television. Outside the U.S., the meaning of Boob Tube is lost. In the U.K., a boob tube is a tank top shirt.

Gone are the days of the static book where your publication date represented one foot in the grave. Now, a publication date is just the beginning of a journey and you decide where you go next.

You can change the cover, change the price, or change the book description at any time during the life of the book. You can even edit the content and release a new edition at no additional cost. At Smashwords.com, our small retail platform, your customers can obtain a copy of the new edition free because updates are included in their original purchase price. This is the beauty and power of indie ebook publishing. You can tinker until you hit the right formula.

Secret Twelve

Understand the Algorithm

You may have heard the term “algorithm” but didn’t know what it meant. It’s an incredibly important term in ebook retailing. An algorithm is simply a set of automated rules or logic that determine how an ebook retailer merchandizes (recommends and displays) titles. An algorithm strives to match readers with books they’ll enjoy reading.

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