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Excerpt: One Night Standoff



-Those who can, do. Those who can't... Teach.-

Evan stormed down the deserted hallway with all the momentum of a missile, inexorable, unavoidable. The rage he felt inside was contained for the time being, just waiting for impact to detonate, and the explosion would be intense, he knew. It had been building for weeks, ever since his younger brother had been asked to be a long-term sub for Mrs. Richter's junior English class, or maybe for years, ever since Evan had realized the truth about Jared, had understood that his brother was everything he himself was, but a little bit more, a little bit better. Just having him at James Buchanan High School had been hard. He'd seen the way all of his coworkers' smiles were a little bit brighter for Jared, the way he held their attention with a little more magnetism, a little less effort.

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