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It was my second year at University. Like so many others I was looking desperately for a place to stay. Martin, one of my good friends, gave me a number of some other students who had secured an apartment and looked for a third roommate to share the cost. I called. Michael was enthusiastic and asked to come over to take a look. The location indeed was marvelous, just minutes from university, the price for my room was quite ok, not too much, my room-to-be was huge with a nice four poster bed, the kitchen was big with breakfast table and huge fridge and the living was perfect with a 52 inches flat TV, perfect for watching sports. The only backside: there was only one, although spacious bathroom for all 3 bedrooms. Michael was nice, we were drinking a soda when Stephan, the second roommate arrived. I had an immediate suspicion that he might be gay, he was dressed like the Harajuku style Emos, wearing his black shiny hair long, two piercings in his lower lip, like fangs and somehow he had something girly in his way to move. Anyway after just a little bit of conversation, I understood that Stephan was highly intelligent and very well mannered. It was a great pleasure that we all agreed on sharing the apartment. Michael explained me some simple rules, like: no shoes in the apartment and dividing the fridge in compartments, but still do some grocery shopping together for the common essentials (salt, sugar, water, soft drinks, etc.), and most importantly the basic rule of the house: “Everyone is free to do what he wants as long it does not disturb the others.”

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