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In all honesty, I think that Dorothy had got over her spite at me and was ready to call an end to the teasing, but whatever was said must have appealed to her because I saw her eyes light up with a devilish humor.

"Oooh! Never thought of this!" She exclaimed. "But we got three new members of the gang here – Joyce, Mary and Liz. Liz just suggested that Polly should promise to be nice to them – just the way he was nice to the other girls. You know, kiss 'em and promise to do as he's told. Sort of welcome the new girls into the gang. Don't you think that would be nice, Polly?"

It was absolutely silly. I see that now. But I was outraged beyond belief!

"I'm . . I'm . .SENIOR to them!" I sputtered. "And I'm not sure, but I think that Joyce and Mary are younger than me! Liz might be older – but this isn't FAIR!"

I think that most of the girls saw the logic in what I was saying – and it might have got me off the hook, but Liz was something the same as Dorothy – had characteristics much alike. She took a step towards me. "But you're just a sissy! A boy in a little party dress and panties!" She paused, then added scornfully. "Think that I'm going to let YOU tell me anything? Now come and kiss us new girls and tell us how you're going to be a good little sissy and that you'll do what we tell you to do!"

The outrage left me as soon as I could see that I was outnumbered – even though I secretly doubted if I could beat ANY of the girls there in a fair fight so, almost crying again, I went and kissed each of the new girls in turn – promising to be good and do as I was told. But Liz wanted her pound of flesh. A few seconds after I'd finished abasing myself she spoke.

"I don't believe you Polly! I think you just told me a big, fat, lie!"

I stared at her. "Huh?"

"You said you'd do what I told you to do – and I don't believe it!"

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