17 hours

By:Ainsley Bargaine

I'm sitting in my bed seized with fear. What have I done? I'm a horribly friend! I think. Everything is blurry and I'm so scared. I don't know what to do. OK, allow me to back up and explain. Maybe I'll calm down a little.

Me and my best friend Sarah were walking down Main Street and looking at the China plates in the window. We were singing songs about foods and places. It went like this. Sarah would say, 'I like strawberry's.' And I would reply with a place. Like- 'Colorado has strawberries.' It went on like that for a long time. I was silly- but it passed the time.

Ooh!Sarah exclaimed. I bet Mom would love that one for her birthday!We were shopping for presents for her Mom, and we decided to take a surprise trip to the stores to look around.

I think that pink one would be better,I say pointedly. I'm getting tired- can we go get some ice cream from next door?Sarah waves me off.

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