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William, a proud three feet tall, poked his head into Jill’s box.

“I think you should come out, after all you are not a refrigerator,” he said.

Jill turned the other way.

She liked beginnings, she did not like endings.

She did not want to let happiness in her heart thinking sadness would surely follow.

She would keep happiness out till she saw Nanna again.

Of course she knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Slowly Jill turned and looked back at William. She knew he needed some fresh air. She decided to take him, not her, on a walk.

She put him in the back of her red wagon with a soft blanket and a bag of crunchy crackers and a bottle of water and a jacket in case he, not she, got cold.

Jill slowly opened the front door a few inches.

She hadn’t been outside in a week.

It looked different to her.

“I’m waiting,” said William, “you promised.”

She opened the door the rest of the way.

She could smell the cherry blossoms on the trees in her yard.

That made Jill smile as that was one of Nanna’s favorite smells.

“Let’s roll,” said William. They started out the door and down the driveway and onto the sidewalk.

“Nanna would have liked this walk today,” she said, “with the nice smells and the warm sun and blue sky.”

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