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“Bridge To Terebithia”

Activity Guide

Jason Elliott

Copyright 2012 by Jason Elliott

Smashwords Edition

Reading Group Guide Chapter one

Read and think about each statement on your own. If you agree, write an A on the line. If you disagree, write a D. If you can think of examples to agree or disagree, write AD.

__ A friend keeps secrets.

__ Friends ask you to do their homework for them.

__A friend listens when you talk about a problem.

__A friend tells you when you do things that annoy others.

__A friend is a friend for life

__A friend can be either a boy or a girl.

Discuss your answers with your group. It is ok if you disagree!

HW Imagine a place that would be your own private refuge. This would be somewhere away from the world of adults. Draw a picture of what this ideal place would look like.

Reading Group Guide Chapter Two

Explain and share your picture with the group.

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