They tended their gardens well, and kept their little rock fence clear of any unwanted overgrowth of weeds or stray leaves that might blow by on the windy days.

People that did not know them assumed they were a young married couple, while in truth they were brother and sister, living in the small home they had inherited at their parents’ demise.

Their parents, John and Rosalyn Conlon, had been excited to embark on a voyage of a lifetime aboard a new ocean liner out of Southampton, England. They had decided not to take their children Aidan and Roisin along for the journey since Aidan had just began his studies at the university while Roisin had been completing tasks with the local convent, deciding if the cloistered life was for her.

At the departure of the Conlons, their children stood on the dock looking skyward towards the big ship, searching for their parents’ faces. Waving furiously, hoping they would be seen in their enthusiasm; both Aidan and Roisin were already missing their two loving parents. Roisin had told Aidan she would be pleased only when she was back in her mummy’s arms again. As the big ship pulled away from dock, Aidan teased her about being a baby, and they turned to head home to Belfast.

The news of their parents’ fate had come to them about a week after the ship’s departure. A messenger had come around from the operators of the ship, and as Aidan read the message out loud they realized they both were now orphans, all alone in the world. Roisin was inconsolable, crying throughout the night and most of the next day.

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