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The Birthday

Ingrid Christensen

Copyright 2012 by Ingrid Christensen

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The Birthday

A Short Story by Ingrid Christensen

Harriet had lamented over her daughter Hannah’s 16th birthday for weeks. It was now the day before the big day and she still had not bought her a present. The truth was, she didn’t want Hannah to turn 16, she wanted her daughter’s life to continue as it had been for the past year, no complications of love and love lost, career choices, environmental concerns, war and peace issues. For the moment these were things her daughter did not think of too seriously but Harriet did, not to mention things like driving lessons and the possibility she would decide in a few years to go to college and live away from home. Life was perfect just as it was right now, yes Hannah was starting to think about boys but nothing serious and more often the crushes she had were on movie stars or pop singers the kind her mother could handle and her friends were all good girls with good grades, nice parents and upbringings. Life was good for the two of them.

Finally Harriet had gone out looking for a birthday present for the day she hoped would never arrive and found herself down a street she had never even noticed before. She felt like she was on some sort of auto pilot drawn there by someone else at the controls. The street was nothing out of the ordinary except for one thing; she was the only person visible in it. As she walked further down the street she found herself looking into a bookshop that was a little unusual, unusual because the front window had funny little characters re-enacting a scene from a book performing a kind of mock stage play. Intrigued Harriet found herself in front of the entrance and walked in.

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