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Book Three in the After Cilmeri Series

Crossroads in Time


Sarah Woodbury

Copyright © 2012 by Sarah Woodbury

Cover image by Christine DeMaio-Rice at Flip City Books

Crossroads in Time

Three years have passed since the events chronicled in Prince of Time

Anna has made a place for herself in thirteenth century Wales as a wife, mother, and healer. David has taken more of the kingdom’s rule on his shoulders, even as his relationship with Lili has caused friction with his father, King Llywelyn. The King wants his son to seek a political marriage that will benefit his country—and possibly place the crown of England on David’s head.

England and Wales have shared a border and an uneasy peace for three long years.

And that peace is about to be broken …

Crossroads in Time is the third book in the After Cilmeri series.

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