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... Tamara [Rose Blodgett] took a HUGE risk doing this, and in the end it paid off. She weaved these two worlds together like an expert seamstress. I was in awe...”- Kami

... What a very enjoyable read great adventure , suspense and romance. I love all the men from the band. Can't wait for the next book...” Lovebooks, Reader

... Hard to put down! Captivating, exiting, and different. She keeps you turning page after page, curious as to where the story will go next ....” Jessica, Reader

The degradation of Queen Clara's sphere continues without apparent end. She must ask for assistance from the neighboring Kingdom of Kentucky to combat the demise of their way of life. However, the alliance isn't as strong without the promise of marriage, which in the past stood to unite the spheres.

Tensions run high, the ruination of additional spheres an imminent threat, causing strife and conflict. When Clara is seen as a pawn in a greater scheme and change of leadership, the Travelers interfere in an unforeseen way.

When two different groups of Travelers' objectives collide, a cataclysmic event ends in a scenario of unprecedented upheaval and resolution. Can Clara and the Band save the sphere and in so doing the people of the future? Will Clara find the peace and love she deserves?

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