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From way up there?” He pointed to where my friend and her husband were standing.

Yes, from up there.”

“Hmmm.” He stepped back, looking at the wreckage.

Are you a praying woman, by any chance?” He ventured.

I told him yes, yes I was. Why?

“Take a look up the hill. Look at the yards that this vehicle drove through. Take a good look. You can see the path it made easily, since most of the lawns had the sprinklers on, and the tire tracks are very clear.”

I looked up the hill. The van’s traveling pattern weaved back and forth, visible through six front yards. It had curved around several large trees, a 4 foot tall electrical box (that covered services for the whole area) and swerved around a couple of cars. Right before coming to rest, the van had headed straight towards the $40,000 truck sitting in the driveway. But the wet trail showed at the last minute, it taken a sharp curve to the right, smashing through a small brick fence, stopped finally by a little tiny sapling of a tree. On top of it all, no one….absolutely no one, was outside in their front yard.

I was speechless. The officer leaned closer and whispered, “Today, Sister, God lent you Dale Earnhardt’s guardian angel for a little while. With Dale at home with Him, the little fellow was just dying for some excitement.”

That day, I learned that God was into Instant Messaging, and that He answers prayers, sometimes, in seconds.

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