This book is dedicated to all the people who have needlessly died of infectious diseases and were told by the Medical Community that their disease was incurable. My heart goes out to the families of those who died and to those who suffer the effects of a Medical System that failed them.


Coming from three decades of Nursing Practice, I have seen more than my share of botched surgeries, greed and downright Malpractice. At one hospital I worked at during surgeries I had to document at the beginning of the surgery why the surgery was being performed, and the surgeon was obliged to report to me as to the reason for the surgery. In the middle of the surgery I had to document why the surgery was being performed, again the surgeon was obliged to report to me as to the reason for and findings during surgery. At the end of the surgery, before the surgical site was closed I had to document why the surgery had been performed. Each time the surgeon stated in Latin Medical Terms why he was performing the surgery. The time came before the closing of the surgical site, I again asked," Doctor, why is the surgery necessary?" the doctor replied, "Alimony Payment!


Scientists have believed since the time of Leonardo De Vinci that life is a chemical soup, but when the body dies and the spark of life is gone what animated the body? Electricity, that's what. Electricity doesn't die, it goes somewhere else. Life is electrical. This is why doctors check your electrolyte lab values when you are admitted to the emergency room. Your immune system only works properly if your electrolytes are in balance. The immune system uses electricity to zap germs in the body while it communicates to the first line of defense in the immune system about the invasion of pathogens causing histamines, fever, and other common immune responses to occur to fight off disease.

Colloidal Silver helps the immune system by rejuvenating the cells that make up the immune system. It also zaps pathogens just like the immune system, acting as an adjutant to the immune system. Your Colloidal Silver Generator is a hospital in a box.

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