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Peril At The Pop-up Library.

Raymond Daley

Copyright 29/3/12 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

We weren't sure at first.

We soon were surer.

After all, the ground had only just stopped shaking.

I was splashed as a copy of Moby Dick flew past, open at a random passage on the deck of the Pequod.

Maureen passed me towel. We both heard the roaring.

Definitely roaring.

Not a tiger, a lion I was fairly certain.

I sniffed the air a few dozen times and flashed a grin of relief at Maureen who looked confused.

"Mothballs" I said to her, causing a look of even greater confusion from poor Maureen.

"Mothballs Maureen! How many books have mothballs AND lions in them?" I asked, she still looked puzzled.

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