The Couch Jockey's Cookbook

Chef Stephen A. Kidd

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Chef Stephen A. Kidd

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So what did you do wrong this time? Forgot her birthday, or maybe it was your anniversary! Called her by an ex’s name, or came staggering into the house at 2 am? No matter what you did wrong, you’ll be riding the couch for at least a couple of nights! Or maybe you just need some extra points for that weekend out with the boys? If so, this book was written especially for you.

On more than one occasion, I have had friends say, “I could have gotten out of that if I could cook like you.” Those words got me thinking; there are no cookbooks with all of the information needed for the preparation of a romantic meal. And, most guys do not have a clue about picking a full menu. So, I put all the information you need in one source. You will find the best way to go from shivering on a cold couch and back into a hot bed is cooking a romantic meal for your lady, not just an ordinary dinner. It’s all out or nothing, and that’s where this book comes into play. Not merely a cookbook; it’s a meal book with complete instructions for creating a romantic meal. It has everything from paired menus to grocery lists.

The menu section has been divided into levels of difficulty for fixing minor infractions all the way through the major infractions that will have you riding your buddies’ couch! Make sure to stick to your cooking level. If her stomach has to be pumped afterwards, you’re a dead man. The first section covers minor infraction that result in an exile of a week or less. These menus are for the beginner. If you are the guy that can burn water, then start here and work your way up. Sucking up with one of these menus could get you those big game tickets or a night out with the boys. The next group of menus covers major infractions that earn a week or more of couch time! The recipes in this section are of moderate difficulty. The average caveman (in other words you) should easily accomplish them! Prepare many of the components one or two days in advance, so the little “pea” brain that got you into this mess doesn’t get overwhelmed. A menu from this section will earn considerable brownie points toward that weekend of fishing.

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