The Internet “Girl.”

Copyright Yoli Kim 2012.

Smashwords edition.

The airport lounge was a combination of high-tech gloss and Vegas kitsch. Huge metal archways overhung garish vinyl gardens. I stood there, expectantly, as airplanes rumbled overhead in long, loopy, circles.

I was holding a flattened cardboard box with the word “night_elf_avenger64” scrawled on it in black permanent marker. It was the handle of a girl I'd met on the Internet four years ago. She used that name on all the boards we frequented and in the games we played. She'd recognize it for sure.

She told me that she lived in South Carolina and had lost her job, so I had suggested buying her a ticket to LA in order to hunt for a job. In retrospect I wasn't serious about the job part. It was just a ploy to get her to visit me where I lived.

“Why don't I pay for half of a flight?” I'd typed into my keyboard. “You can sleep on my couch while you go looking for your dream job.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” she replied. “I've got some money saved up. I'll even help you pay rent.”

I have a confession to make: I didn't really want to help her find a job. I had planned this entire thing out because I wanted to fuck her. I had visualized our entire encounter in advance. First we'd get something to eat, then we'd go to my apartment, then we'd spend the evening laughing, talking, and playing games. Then, maybe, I'd put my arm around her and then I'd kiss her.

I'd visualized in advance, usually while masturbating, all the things I was going to do with her after that. I was going to fuck her from the front, from behind, and she was going to suck her cunt juices right off my dick afterward. Then I'd start ejecting ropes of semen all over her face and hair. It was either that or I'd get her to become my girlfriend and I'd do that to her later. I could wait. I was patient.

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