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Blurb for “A Mage By Any Other Name”: Mary's new job with Wizard Williwim is perfect. The tasks burn off her excess magic, the district is remote, and her employer gives her access to the highly classified library of magic. There she hopes to discover a spell that will catapult her back onto the path to the respect and approval she yearns for. For years she’s attempted one plan after another, and finally, at last, this one appears to be working.

But Mary’s life has never been that easy. After only a month, an enemy from her past reappears to endanger everything she has nearly achieved. Williwim has been challenged in a wizardrite tournament by none other than Professor Grantus, a pompous mage at Concerto College whom Mary can’t admit she knows.

The problem is, what she knows could mean the difference between success...and death. Can Mary figure out a way to vanquish a vengeful opponent who has bested her far too many times before?

This fantasy novella is 26,000 words and is rated PG-13. It’s not a romance. Just FYI.

Chapter One

Mary had only been Wizard Williwim’s assistant for a month when the challenge came. A black pigeon fluttered through the open window, landing on the back of the wizard’s chair. He freed the tiny parchment cylinder from the bird’s limb.

His wrinkled face grew more wrinkled when he read the message.

“Bother,” he muttered, his white hair floating around his head like a dandelion puff. “This is far sooner than I’d anticipated.”

Mary set aside the mortar and pestle she’d been using to crush the dried rose petals into a dust fine enough for the most discriminating spell caster. Pigeon mail meant bad news, and bad news for her employer was bad news for her.

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