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A Backyard Plan

(for when if I might get lost)


Mike J. Preble

Copyright 2012 Mike J. Preble

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One day there was a little moose, and do you know what his name was? His name was Chotchie. And do you know what he was doing? He was sitting in the backyard, underneath the big apple tree, next to the sandbox. He was trying to draw on a sheet of paper that kept blowing around in the breeze.

Chotchie looked at the garage back by the alley. He drew a large rectangle with a triangle roof. He looked at the playhouse next to the garage. He drew a small square with another triangle roof. He looked at the clothes line poles. He drew two “Ts” with lines running between. He turned around and looked at the big Red Maple on the far side of the house and stopped drawing.

“Goulasche,” called Chotchie. “I’m drawing things that are in my yard.”

“Okay,” said Goulasche.

“But I only want to draw things that are just in my yard, not things that are in my yard,” said Chotchie. “You’ll have to go home and come back, when I’m done.”

“What if I stand behind the tree?” asked Goulasche. He ducked behind the tree and stuck his arms out. “Like this.”

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