Curse of the Easter Egg Ring

Copyright 2012


Latron M

Smashwords Edition


The rain pelted my body as I ran away from the scene of the crime. Things were not supposed to turn out like they did, the girl was not supposed to die. If only her boyfriend hadn’t tried to fight with me, if they had just handed over the ring like I asked them to, none of this would have happened and she would still be alive now. It’s funny how in just a few seconds your life can change so dramatically, one minute you’re just another unemployed teacher looking for work, and the next you’re a murderer. Maybe I should back up a little and tell you a little about myself; my name is Tim O’Malley and I am the unemployed murderer teacher.

Just five minutes ago, I felt the grumble of my stomach and knew that I needed to get food somehow. This was day three, or was it four of not eating. After asking several people, a few of which had actually claimed to be my friend last year while I was working at the local high school, they shook their heads and looked at me with pity in their eyes. One said to me “Timmy maybe you should try another school, there’s one in Lakeview that’s hiring.” I know she was trying to help, but she just upset me even more. Just days prior to this incident, I had applied for that position and been told that I didn’t qualify for it. Without another word, I stormed away without another word; the wounds were still quite deep and I couldn’t face them knowing the truth, that I was simply unhireable.

What my so called friends don’t understand is that I am trying to work. I don’t like to be unemployed; I had a lifestyle that I really became accustomed to. I had nice clothes, always ate at the best restaurants and always had a hot chick on my arm. The women were the most beautiful, and ultimately led to my downfall. How was I to know that the woman I took to the school carnival was a hooker, and had slept with most of the school board? When the superintendents wife started screaming at her about fucking her husband, I knew that a scandal was about to break out. What I didn’t see coming was that I would bear the brunt of it all. All I had wanted was to have a nice looking woman on my arm and to have my cock sucked at the end of the night. Instead I lost my job and my mind.

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