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The Culmination of Time

Book 5 of 'The Course of Time' saga

Marius A. Smith

Copyright 2015 Marius A. Smith

Published by Marius A. Smith at Smashwords.

All historical individuals or places mentioned or referred to in this book are portrayed in a purely fictitious sense. All other characters are purely fictitious, and no resemblance to individuals living or dead is intended.

Chapter 1: The Last Sapphire

Time is the greatest gift and the greatest resource, given to all in different measure. The way it's used will determine the influence that any individual's time will have upon history, not its length.

William, Larissa, Luke and Cerah trudged back towards the graveyard in disappointment. They'd been hoping to dine at a classy restaurant owned by a gentleman named Tom, where Luke had assured them they could get a good steak with roasted vegetables and some of the best fresh bread in Leeds. As it happened, Tom's venue was closed for the day in preparation to cater for the wedding of a nobleman that would take place later that evening at the groom's family estate. Through the windows, the group of vampires had seen the waiting staff scurrying about, preparing to load the required foods, beverages, cooking pots and utensils into coaches for transport. Another place that Cerah had recommended, owned by a man named Cuthbert, was also closed due to a recent death in the family.

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