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Raymond Daley

Copyright 5/3/12 by Raymond Daley

Smashwords Edition

In the military, one of the adages we're taught for guard duty is a simple but true homily.

"Recognition is the best form of identification".

Knowing is half the battle. Being able to recognise the signs helps keep yourself and everyone else alive.

Red eyes. Sensitivity to light. Razor-blade smile.

All these are what we call "the tells". If we see them, we can tell.

That you're one of them.

It's not actual vampirism per se, but it's so close that you wouldn't want to be within arms length. Preferably further, far enough to get several clean shots in.

Oh yes, they die just like anything else.

Regular bullets? That'll do nicely.

Better than American Express, more like Domestos in fact.

Kills all known vemps, dead.

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