None of My Business


George Blum

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I've been a hack for seven, maybe eight years now, though I've only worked at Orange Cab for the past few months. I figured I'd leave the big city driving for the tough guys and move on to the suburbs. What a mistake. Sure, you don't feel like you're gonna get your damn head blown off every minute here in "sophisticated" Grenville, but working the night shift I've met the same spectrum of clientele: the snobs, the drunks, the bums, the losers, the dreamers.

I guess no matter where I decide to flip my meter--and I've worked everywhere up and down the coast--Danny Zito's advice applies. Danny broke me in when I first started driving up in Santa Barbara. A wheezy old-timer with a surprisingly good sense of humor and an even better sense of survival, he told me before my first solo, "You're gonna meet all kinds Tommy, but whatever happens, remember one thing. It ain't none of your business. It just don't matter to you, got it?"

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