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DEBT-BUSTERS: How to get out of debt using spiritual truths, not cheap gimmicks

Joe Chiappetta

Copyright Joe Chiappetta, 2010, Smashwords Edition


Reading this can help you get out of debt. It will prepare your mind and your wallet for useful financial action, unless of course, your girlfriend really has been kidnapped by ninjas.

See what the Bible says about debt in this how-to guide by Xeric Award winning author, Joe Chiappetta. It's a practical, helpful, and even funny how to get out of debt guide, illustrated with color Silly Daddy comics. If you are in financial debt or just want help managing money from a spiritual perspective, this is for you.

Whether it be known as respectable debt such as a home mortgage and student loans, or not-so-respectable debt such as maxed-out credit cards or overdue bills, you don't have to be a slave to our materialistic world. With God, patience, and discipline, you can bust out from under the shackles of your creditors and become debt-free.


The Fog of Materialistic Confusion

Is having debt bad? Is it possible to bust out of debt? Here is a sentence you never want anyone to say to you; "You owe us lots of money. Now we own you!" Fully stated or implied yet unsaid, this is a harsh reality that a growing number of people are falling into. People are in financial debt, and enslaved in the process.

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