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The Muses Are NOT Amused

by Jeff Thomason

Smashwords Edition

All names, characters, and places are fictional. Any resemblance to real people—either living or dead—or places is purely coincidental. All rights reserved.

©Copyright 2010 Jeff Thomason

Time for work, honey.” Carrie walked into her husband’s studio clipping on her right earring. “Your students are probably already in their seats waiting for you.” She clipped on the left one.

Allen glanced over and noticed his wife was wearing the pair he had given her for their tenth anniversary. That made him smile. He knew Carrie, like most other women, had always wanted expensive jewelry but had to give up that dream when she met him—it wasn’t realistic on an artist’s salary. She loved her husband, never held it against him, and never brought it up. She understood the sacrifices she would have to make when she said I do and was happy to make them. He was happy, he was doing what he wanted to do, and they had enough to live on. How many other couples could say that? But whenever they passed a jewelry store window, he noticed her eyes lingering on glimmering gems set in precious metals. It took him over a year and a half of scrimping and saving to gather together enough cash for the earrings. They weren’t quite a carat each, but they were the best he could afford and more than enough for her. She cried when she opened them and wore them often around the house, because they reminded her how much her husband loved her, and that made them special.

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