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Mullion the Eagle Hawk

Written and Retold By

T.D. Hilliard

Copyright T.D. Hilliard 2012

Smashwords Edition

A children's picture book story to be enjoyed whether alone

or read aloud with others.

This story originates in Australian mythology and is a retelling; along with some of the authors own interpretations.

Long ago an eagle hawk built his nest on top of an enormous tree. The tree was so big and tall that it almost reached the clouds in the sky. That eagle hawk name was Mullion. From this high advantage Mullion could see all around him, and from this location he would swoop down, catching solitary victims to bring back to his little hungry eaglets for food.

This practice when on day after day for quite a while. Until the people of the local village became upset about it. They complained that Mullion the eagle hawk was scaring away all of the small animals they use to hunt. And those he didn't scare away he and his hungry eaglets ate getting big and fat, while the people of the village went hungry and grew thin. Now that the smaller eaglets were growing, they too would start to hunt. So one day in an effect to bring an end to all this, the village choose two brave headmen to climb to the top of the great tree. They were to scare off the eagle hawks. The headmen were great hunters and trappers, and their names were Murriwanda (Mer-re-wanda) and Koomba.

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