Major Fantasy Anthologies - A Guide

Blue Tyson

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2010 Blue Tyson

For fantasy in general, the short story has been less of a focus than science fiction, it would appear. I certainly also have less of it in my collection, or in my head. However, such a form has been around a lot longer, with more practitioners. Monster and ghost stories galore for centuries, for example, not to mention the various mythological tales from all around the world.

This list is fantasy in the 'Fantasy and Horror' sense, to be clear at the start. These overlap quite a bit, as can be seen in various publications, including some of the references. You will, of course, find some fantasy (or horror) in a lot of science fiction publications. You can find the Science Fiction version of this at :- Major Science Fiction Anthologies - A Brief History

So I thought I'd have a go at listing some works that I know about, and others found with some browsing and in some reference material. Of more particular interest is more modern publication, even if not more modern work, that is likely to be more available to actually acquire.

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