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'An amazing array of emotions resulted reading it, happiness, sadness and hope'

'I enjoyed it enormously and admire you a great deal for having the courage to put it together. It's an insight in two ways - grief from the point of view of someone going through the process, and from the point of view of someone who is observing the griever! It deserves to be read widely'

'What a clever girl, the text touched me on so many issues, the chapter about cancelling Christmas was just what we did. I'm going to offer the book to the Hospice library, after I have one more read.'

'Thank you for writing such a wonderful book, recognising and in a way celebrating what you have lost. It couldn't have been easy. I would like to purchase some copies for the group that I work with, and will pass on my recommendation to the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement.'

'It is a wonderful book, a perfect blend of humour and wisdom.'

'Just had to tell you how much I enjoyed the book, actually enjoyed isn't the right word, I was moved. Although your book was light-hearted it was never frivolous and all your depth of feeling came through. I'm sure it will bring peace of mind to many people who read it. What cheered me up was your message that despite all the suffering there is light at the end of the tunnel.'


Ways To Grieve Your Lover

50 light-hearted emails, and 100 tips on how to cope and gain back control during times of loss

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