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Part 3: Park Flyer Aerodynamics

At a Glance – Key Park Flyer Terms

Chapter 2 – Controlling a Park Flyer

Part 1: The Controls

Part 2: Control Input Calibration

At a Glance – Control Functions and Use

Part 3: Control Input Coordination

Chapter 4: Returning Control Reversal

Chapter 3 – Forces of Flight and Power Management

Part 1: Forces of Flight, Airspeed and Groundspeed

At a Glance – Key Park Flying Success Tips

Part 2: Prop Wash and Torque

Part 3: Throttle Management and Flight Time

Chapter 4 – Handling Tips and Skill Development

Part 1: Basic Aircraft Handling

At a Glance – Aerodynamics and Handling

Part 2: Recovery and Crash Prevention

Part 3: Basic Maneuvers

Part 4: Skill Development and the Next Steps

At a Glance – Final Flight Tips

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