At the time he was still able to talk, so I asked him, “If you could be any animal, what would it be?” And he said, without hesitation, “A swan.”

What an interesting choice. I didn’t even think he knew what swans were, and I was pretty sure he’d never actually seen one. I expected a dinosaur or a tiger, maybe a dolphin or a wolf or a superhero. Something a pre-pubescent boy would relate to. But a swan?

I questioned him again and again about it, but he didn’t budge.

One week later I was the proud bearer of a bright and beautiful swan, tattooed in vibrant colors on my left shoulder. I was beginning to learn how to trust Danny’s wisdom in such matters. And in the months that followed, as I researched “swan medicine,” I found that Danny, as always, knew exactly what he was talking about.

On the eve of submitting this manuscript to the publisher for the second edition of this book, Danny spoke to my psychic friend Rebecca, and said, “When I told my mom about the swan, it was meant to represent her, because she is the one who is dancing between dimensions. I chose that symbol because our work together is Swan Magic. The whole point of our lives together was transformation, and the whole country went through a transformation at the time I made that comment. Swan medicine and its story should be like a precious white cloud that surrounds the reader from the first words. So please insert this explanation at the front of the book."

A Swan in Heaven: Conversations Between Two Worlds

Smashwords Edition

First House Press
359 N. Locust Lane

Sisters, OR. 97759


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