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Halfblood Lust: Hidden Desires


Lacy Fairview

Copyright © 2012 Lacy Fairview

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition


The story so far...

Half werewolf Audrey Quinn, lovingly nicknamed Mutt by her sexy partner Mikelo, hunts vampires for a living. For one night, she allowed herself to give in for a night of pleasure only to discover that, Seth, the sexy bartender she slept with was a vampire.


The following morning...

"Hey Mutt." Mikelo entered the motel room. He handed me a coffee and busied himself with a handful of crumpled up papers covered in his scribbled handwriting. He had been gone since I woke up four hours ago. Normally, I was the one that kicked him out of bed.

"Thanks." I beamed a smile at him that went unnoticed. He continued to read and occasionally scratch something out on his notes and replace it with further scribble.

I stood behind him to try and get a good look at the papers. His handwriting had always been near impossible for anyone to read but him.

Well, hell.

Taking a different approach, I leaned against him to get a better look, "accidentally" brushing my large breasts on his back and shoulders. It was a dirty move that never failed to get his attention. "What's that you're working on?" I asked and caught a glimpse of the name "Libations Bar and Grille", Seth's bar.

He grunted in response and continued his work.

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