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Island Shore

By Ainsley Bargaine

Written for CHLIDREN 7+

This was a school project.... So sorry if it's rushed. And Gabion? If you want I'll keep up that bad spelling JUST FOR YOU. Dude, you need to lighten up.

Anna silently shuts the door of the hut, making sure not to make any noise. Grabbing the grocery bag, she hustled off towards the market. Dark was fading quickly, and she must not let anyone see her.

Taylor laughed, as she and her friend watched Soul Surfer.

I love this movie!” She exclaimed, collapsing on the sofa.

Hey!” Angie protested. The movie was over much too quickly, so they decided to come up with jokes to pass the time. Angie's mother was at the market, and wouldn't be home until an hour. Taylor's parents were in their offices, working with their clients. Mrs. O' Connel and Mr. O' Connel were lawyers.

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