Her husband’s friend

Saffron Smith

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“Well. As much as I’m enjoying this conversation, we all know what’s supposed to happen tonight”. Amber drained the last of her wine and set the glass aside. Her husband’s best friend, Sam, had joined them for dinner, and they had been talking in the living room for a while. That wasn’t unusual - but this wasn’t a typical dinner party, and under the chatter she could tell that everyone was nervous. They’d already finished two bottles of Rosé, and Sam had barely eaten any of the food they’d cooked. But they were nervous for good reason. Tonight, she was going to fuck Sam, and her husband was going to watch.

It had been a fantasy of his for a long time, and they’d used roleplay and video cameras to satisfy his desires in the past. But he had been convinced that it would be even hotter to watch his wife with another man for real. Recently, Amber had felt ready to try. But she was still anxious. What would it be like? She hadn’t been with a man other than her husband, James, in years. Would it be weird? Was she really going to go through with it? Not that Sam wasn’t handsome - he was, with blond hair and playful eyes. His body was slim but strong, not from the gym but from his snowboarding hobby. She’d known him for years, and had occasionally found herself wondering what he looked like under his clothes. It’s why she and James had agreed to ask him. But this would be different. This would be a lot more than just getting naked. Still, it would be a start.

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