Lord, you forgive me all my failures
They seem to happen all the time
I want so very much to please you
But I’ll just have to keep on tryin’

I can feel you pick me up, though
When I stumble and I fall
And you tell me that you love me
With the greatest love of all.

You have never, ever failed me
Although I always go away
You have always, always loved me
And you stay near, come what may.

I can hear your voice a-calling,
I can hear you call me “child”
I can feel your arms around me
When you hold me for a while.

Your love is true and tender
Your loving arms they hold me tight
And you are always waiting for me
To call on you, both day and night.


Standing before the crumbling temple, 
I looked up, and gaped, in awe
At the empty, aching loneliness
Of the desolation....that I saw.

The place was parched and barren
And a dry wind just blew right through
All of the broken, shattered windows.

So I looked around for You.

Yet, You were nowhere to be found.
You were nowhere that I could see.

And as I stood and stared at that temple...
I realized...that temple....was me.

Abandoned, neglected, filthy,
My temple was a wreck.
Full of pain and sorrow,
With a yoke of sins around my neck.

I cried out, "My dear God! My Father! Save me!
Please, please, come into this place!

And as I turned back to see the temple,
I looked up to see Your face.

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