2. Always, always, always, carry Kleenex with you. Bring a full box, hide some in your Bible, and stuff some up your sweater or jacket sleeve. If you forget to bring some, turn around, go back home and get some, just don’t leave home without it. Believe me, this is a commodity that you will need EVERY time you attend a Spirit-led church service, because if you don’t cry, it is a guarantee that someone else will. By always having a ready supply, you can make many friends and influence people by being the “Kleenex lady”. You will become more precious than silver.

3. When going up to the altar to be prayed for, ALWAYS go to the end of the line. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT ever stand behind someone waiting for prayer. Especially do not stand behind anyone
bigger than you waiting for prayer. If you are smart, you will stand in front of someone WAY bigger than you, while you are waiting for prayer. This is based on Psalm 55:22b “He will never let the righteous fall” He does, however, let the Spirit filled fall, sometimes, so I think you get the picture.

4. Another prayer tip for Spirit-led services (for females), is ALWAYS wear a long—and I mean very long—skirt, or loose-fitting pants. I know your mother would be real proud of you, with the clean, un-holey (sorry for the pun) underwear you wear to church, just in case you have an accident on the way there, and the doctors have to see them….but!!! You do not want to share them with the congregation. By wearing a long skirt or loose fitting pants, if you do happen to say, have an experience with the Holy Ghost, and/or fall on the floor for any reason, you will not end up sharing the secret that only your mother should be proud of.

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