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Public Sex In The Library

by Kitty Meaker

Copyright Kitty Meaker 2012

Published at Smashwords

Allison noticed the man as soon as he walked down the aisle. She kept shelving books, watching him out of the corner of her eye. He soon moved past her, saying only “Excuse me.” as he brushed past. But Allison's heart was beating fast now. For a brief moment, the handsome man had actually touched her!

It wasn't that Allison fell for every man to walk into the library. But most of the men weren't this handsome... and she was feeling so very lonely lately. All of her friends told her she was good looking, but she just couldn't believe it. And it seemed like every man she was interested in couldn't see past the glasses and turtleneck sweaters to the beautiful woman inside.

She'd had a few boyfriends, sure. But there was always something missing – some spark of chemistry that she never felt with them. Eventually the boys sensed her lack of interest and moved on. And now Allison had gone almost a year without a date.

Lost in thought, Allison realized she had been shelving the books all wrong. She shook her head and sighed, pulling the books off the shelf and placing them back on the cart. She was about to start over when she was interrupted by the handsome man.

Excuse me,” he said again. “could you help me find a title?”

Allison turned. She tried to respond naturally, to act as if his touch hadn't started her daydreaming. “Sure. What title are you looking for?”

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