In 1858 over two thousand German peasants left Europe to settle in South Africa. Most came from regions in Prussia: Pomerania and Uckermark. This book deals with the conditions which led them to want to emigrate and the challenges they faced on arrival in the Eastern Cape. Starting with the descendants of one of these settlers – Carl Friedrich Ziehl – the book is structured around the ancestors of Raymond Beresford Ziehl. It provides information on the Ziehl, Ziemann, Bagshaw, Wright, Mitford, Best, Shaw, Barnes and Dugmore families in South Africa.

What People are saying:

"Got the copy of your book - and am way, way impressed with your work! Well done. You have a right to be very proud. Thank you for doing this for the Ziehl family" Marlene Spies/Ziehl.

"I must congratulate you on this achievement, as I know how many hours go into the research and write-up of such a work" Pamela Barnes.

German Settlers to the Eastern Cape & the ancestors of



Susan C. Ziehl

Copyright 2012 Susan Ziehl

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