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This guide is not for the faint hearted and it is wholely recommended that you should arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible before entering into any distilling whatsoever.

If you have always fancied distilling and you are already good at brewing or winemaking this book will open the doors to producing your beloved best tipple.

Always remember that to distil, safety is paramount so read the information and experiment carefully and ensure you have a permit or permission from the authorities to do so or it might become the most expensive hobby you will ever try.

DISCLAIMER: It is probably not legal for you to distill in your country. It would be best to check your local legislation before you go and start. This information is not illegal, but make sure you don’t get caught using your newly learnt knowledge.

Simple Steps to Making Homemade Alcohol
1. Check that it’s legal to distil in your country (it probably is illegal).

2.Make sure you clearly understand what you're doing.

3.Make or buy a decent still. Only use a POT still if you intend on making whiskey/schnapps etc (i.e. flavoured by the mash). Use a REFLUX or FRACTIONATING still to make neutral (tasteless) alcohol to flavour up later.

4. To prepare 18-20 L of wash for use ....

Whiskey: Heat 4 kg cracked or crushed malt with 18 L of water to 63-65oC, and hold there for 1-1.5 hours. Heat to 73-75oC, then strain off and keep liquid, using 250 mL of hot water to rinse the grains (should have an initial specific gravity of 1.050).

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