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Excerpts From Role Playing Endeavours

By Matt Hayward


Writing is one of my many passions and I've been writing fiction as a hobby since the age of nine. From my main subject matter of Fantasy to make-believe journals, I've always had a penchant for creating worlds and people from imagination. This hobby led me in recent years to discover another great past-time: Role Playing.

Role Playing is essentially group creative writing. Several writers band together and write a story, each 'player' as they are referred to, takes control of a single character. Building a world and plot in a group is a heavily social activity that has created many friendships, results in endless chatter and takes up a large proportion of each day. Not only that, Role Playing provides an opportunity to involve yourself in a diverse world of writing styles. First Person, Third Person, Past Tense, Present Tense, a multitude of different writing preferences and it all adds up to a vibrant collage of variation that keeps you hooked. Each Role Play acts as a surprise: You never quite know what mixture you're going to make with other writers.

This is a small anthology of forum posts (where I do most of my Role Play writing) from various Role Plays and a few different communities. The purpose is to not only leave an impression of the variety of Role Play but as a journey in to my own development, demonstrating just how much my writing has improved since I began Role Playing in late 2006. There is an interesting evolution of writing style and quality that when collecting the various excerpts I was pleasantly surprised.

Now, on to the actual pieces of writing...

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