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NB: Besides correcting typographical and spelling errors, and some presentational changes, all pieces of writing are identical to the original forum posts.


Knight On The Run

This piece was written in December 2006 and was actually a response to a writing prompt. An exercise ran by another writer, she provided two words that needed to be included within a Role Play-style piece of writing. For this, the words were 'goldfish' and 'tree.' One of my earlier Role Play posts, it was a challenge to keep focus on only the one character. The writing prompt exercise that ran monthly was a great help in developing my writing as each entry was given useful feedback.

The tall knight, dressed in the black armour of his Order, sat down near a large oak tree, the massive trunk would ensure no attack from behind, and he could see clearly enough, thanks to the shade the branches of the ancient tree created, protecting his pale green eyes from the blinding mid day sun.

His large helmet was placed on the ground beside him, the white plume, made from three feathers taken from the wing of a swan, was stained and carried several flecks of blood. With his helmet removed, the long, curly hair of the knight loosed around his shoulder. Also looking matted and dirty, his face carried the signs of a man living in woods for too long.

"I hope they decide to rest tonight," he thought to himself, "I have been chased for too long, and could do with a rest." He had been chased for nearly two weeks now, in the endless forest, the large, heavy built trolls never giving him respite for that entire time, he had run almost constantly.

The large pack of twenty trolls seemed never to tire as they continued their pursuit endlessly. However, the large knight was growing tired, and his armour was beginning to dull, the polish fading from the surface of the heavy metal structure.

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