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The Writing on the Wall

A Short Story by Steve Stanton

Smashwords Edition

Copyright Steve Stanton

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The Writing on the Wall

by Steve Stanton

The man in the light cube haunted David Wilson again this morning, this fateful morning, this first morning of the rest of his life. Anna had asked him for a divorce the night before. The man in the light cube always came back at the turning points of his life, a memory so vivid and powerful that it seemed like a recurring event, a memory etched indelibly in the chemical lattice of his mind—the simple reason for his existence.

“Why do you want a divorce?” he’d asked agog with the transparent innocence of the undefiled. David had arrived home late from work, having spent the evening arguing with a colleague about the effect of temperature variation on the decay of subatomic particles.

Anna had looked at him with new wonder, sighed with exasperation and shook her head, which had the desired effect of making him feel weak and vaguely vulnerable, a man obviously out of touch with reality. She’d done something with her hair, he noted; it was cropped short and layered in a funky mop-top, tinted a fiery auburn. He was sure she had been a brunette the last time he’d seen her.

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